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If I could shift my thoughts I could break this ugly spell, freeing me to create a life, and break out of this jail.

Life has become so serious, dreaming can’t survive, we’re told what we should do; it’s horribly contrived.

My sphere of influence bombards me every day, breaking me down and keeping me at bay.

What are the triggers, too many to count; mass media, my family, my friends, my co-workers, the numbers continue to mount.

The palpitations of this stress are pounding in my chest; struggling for every breath, I’m yearning for some rest.

I must break this rhythm because it’s breaking me; I want to have a future that I can finally see.

This technology is a portal to help me make this shift, in incremental moments as long as I persist.

I use this tool to help me let-go, trusting my insight to build new roads.

I set it like a clock, to help me shift my mind; I use it throughout the day when I steal a little time.

I set it to my destination, to assist me when I arrive; I feel relaxed and confident, now I can enjoy the ride.
It’s a virtual transport to my inner world, where buried truth suppressed finally gets addressed.

It stirs me with insights, the knowledge I must use, in order to move forward, embracing this new muse.

Incremental moments are more important than you know, string them all together, and you’ll create a brand new whole.

Now engaged in my story, I connect the dots I once forgot; I discovered thoughts create my experiences; now I never want to stop.

Do you ever feel like your goals are out of reach?
Like opportunities are slipping away?
Do you toss and turn at night discontent with where you are in life?

We can help.

See happiness isn’t some far off illusion or make-believe concept ––
It is a direct result of your thoughts and feelings.

And while you can’t escape them you can control them, transform them into your greatest asset.

To assist you, we’ve created virtual experience remedies that will shift your mood to strengthen that vital energy.

Using the Shoshin Technique which is derived from the attitude of eagerness and a lack of preconceptions, our on-the-go stress tool will help you recapture that child-like enthusiasm –– so crucial to living a happy and healthy life.

A high-quality existence stems from eliminating the negativity that comprises our day-to-day.

It’s about finding your optimism, uncovering what means the most to you.

And MoodShift virtual experience points you in the direction of your heart-connecting desires.

What we sense in the virtual world triggers the same biochemical reactions as if the event was real.

In fact, to our bodies it is real.

And it’s designed to be accessible, to be at your fingertips assisting you day in and day out as you reclaim the peace of mind that you deserve.

Look, life is too short to exhaust time and energy on the small stuff and the little things that weigh you down.

Why not put yourself in the position to get the most out of every single day?

Why not find greatness in every moment?

You turn to your doctor to help with your stress,
You’re desperate for help — your life is a mess.

When it comes to evaluating your physical health,
They run a bunch of tests that chip away at your wealth.

If your labs tests are normal – making your doctor so glad,
Then why is it you leave the office still feeling so bad?

Anxiety, depression, bipolar and more,
Could it be possible there is something else at the core?

You’re told it’s your brain chemistry that won’t comply,
That information is manipulated; it’s simply a lie.

Because when it comes to your emotional well-being,
There are no lab tests the doctors are seeing.

So, what do you get on this fearful day?
Another bottle of pills, causing you to further lose your way.

As these cocktails of drugs continue to sell
They scramble your brain waves impacting your health.

So here you are — baffled and upset,
Looking for answers, but where are they kept?

The Internet could be a source for trusted answers,
If it wasn’t controlled by the “Big Pharma” dancers.

So now where is it that you can turn?
To the original source of this stress, that you must learn.

Truth is the healer of your wounds.
And if you heed these words you need not be doomed:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

This ancient wisdom is the passport for you to come alive,
And the source of your desire, to be happy and thrive.

MoodShift Brand tools were created to take you seamlessly on this journey
Even if you are overwhelmed and always in a hurry.

Every day there is a specific decision you have to make.

It’s the first and it’s the most important decision, because from it you effectively roadmap your destiny.

What I’m referring to is the choice to either have a positive outlook, or to allow negativity and doubt to chart your course, it’s a dilemma that truly is that simple.

Every morning you choose how you want to view the obstacles ahead of you, and what you get out of life will be very different, depending on your decision.

There’s an old Cherokee legend that touches on this conflict and in the story there’s an older man who is talking to his grandson about life.

He explains that inside all people there is this fight going on.

The struggle consists of two wolves.

One manifests itself through negative energy, he’s anger, envy, sorrow, inferiority, all that is evil.

The other is joy, compassion, faith, truth, all that is good.

So he finishes explaining this, the boy sits there, he thinks about it for a minute, he asks his grandfather, well which one wins?

The grandfather replies, whichever one you feed.

What we sometimes forget, is that we are the sole makers of our own destiny.

There are always going to be external factors, whatever they may be, negative people, tough circumstances, maybe a lack of resources, they’ll be there.

But they cannot dictate your happiness or your success, unless you let them.

Yeah they may cause you to alter your approach, you might have to make adjustments.

That’s good, that’s how we develop, that’s how we improve.

But no one and nothing writes your story but you.

Your attitude, your emotions, they directly coincide with how you see the world.

So anytime you feel discouraged, negative, envious, anything that’s not positive, just stop.

Don’t waste your time with thoughts that aren’t bringing you closer to your goal, there’s just no value in it.

Tony Robbins says this beautifully, he says you have to be the guardian of your own mind, allow in only what will help you.

Cause God knows the world will crush you if you let it, so take the wheel.

What you need to do tomorrow, when you wake up, is look at yourself hard in the mirror, make a conscious decision to feed the good wolf.

You’ll be amazed at how far it will take you.

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom