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David L. Greene, M.D.


Practicing physician since 1978, now focusing on wellness and healing modalities.

Dr. Greene’s childhood dream of becoming a physician was fulfilled in 1978. This dream was sparked at age nine when he witnessed the transformation of his mother’s health after she received one of the country’s first hip arthroplasty procedures.

During medical school at Michigan State University, a roommate of Dr. Greene introduced him to the martial art, Aikido, creating the environment to experience mind and spirit synergy; the study of harmony.   He applied these fundamental guiding principles to his practice of medicine.

During his matriculation at MSU, College of Human Medicine, Dean Andrew Hunt, M.D. introduced, inspired and cultivated the idea of providing primary care services to underserved America. Dr. Hunt urged the young doctors to practice medicine with compassion, cooperation and partnership with patients. According to Dr. Hunt, listening to patients’ concerns had long been abandoned in favor of lab tests, a mistake that erodes the patient-doctor relationship and contributes to incorrect diagnoses.

In 1983, after completing a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology, a series of fortuitous experiences guided Dr. Greene from Detroit, Michigan to Bishop, California where he established his medical practice.

Over the course of thirty years, Dr. Greene’s career shifted toward wellness to include healing modalities that worked in cooperation with the body’s natural healing systems. An evolution of understanding unfolded and he ultimately came to understand the power to heal originates with the emotions. This knowledge took his career in a revitalizing direction.

In 2011, he relocated to Southern California to join The Kaleidoscope Corporation team. Today he leads the company as CEO. Dr. Greene collaborates on projects designed to deliver virtual stress hacks to impact health and life experiences.

Pamela Greene


Transformational facilitator, author, and creator of The Shoshin Technique.

From an early age Pamela Jones Greene demonstrated a special aptitude for critical thinking, application of knowledge and a keen attention to detail. She has never been satisfied with the status quo.

A discordant bell rings within her when she encounters the idea—the widely accepted idea—that people just need to “gut it out,” “put up with,” or “settle for” unfavorable conditions, instead of participating in changing them.

Life experience taught her:

  • Your life has a purpose that is meant to help our world in an essential way that cannot be fulfilled by anyone else.
  • Whatever you contribute with joy and passion will leave a mark on the world that you can be proud of, because it affects everyone that you encounter in a meaningful way.
  • Give your heart a voice.
  • Your Passion is your Purpose—Your Purpose is your Passion

“Truth, not time, is the healer of all wounds.” -Pamela Jones Greene

Json Knepper


Marketing consultant and owner of JKCA.

Json Knepper is passionate when it comes to connecting people and ideas. Json implements his natural leadership skills in marketing campaigns, the designing of intuitive websites and in his personal endeavors. He started the consulting group, JKCA, back in 2011. Json blends marketing expertise, business savvy and creative genius wit, making project development an enjoyable experience for his clients.

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