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The Biology Of Belief

Your DNA is not self-directed?

DNA takes instructions from the environment?

A widely-held belief no longer considered to be true is that your “good” or “bad” genes themselves are responsible for the destiny of your health.  Once thought of as “self-directed”, your genetic material, your DNA, the blueprint for your existence, is now understood to get its directions from environmental signals outside the cell nucleus.

The update to this original volume incorporates current information regarding gene behavior from a variety of sources. Everything I learned in high school, college, medical school, and residency about gene behavior is antiquated! Gene behavior is flexible. Genes exchange information between different organisms. One example is the exchange of information between our genome and the genome of the bacteria living in our intestinal tract. We also create new genes, meaning we do not have to accept the destiny of our ancestors as our own story. It gives a new meaning to “family history”.

Scientists studying genetics from a new vantage point called “epigenetics”, continue to identify factors outside the genes themselves that influence gene expression. According to Dr. Lipton, it’s all about the environment.

Our thoughts and emotions are now understood to be the most powerful environmental effect directing our DNA.

As physician’s, we must stop using the “nocebo” effect with our patients, leading them to believe they are prisoners of their inherited DNA, or worse, frightening them into unnecessary therapies to ward off the curse of their genealogy.

Bruce Lipton’s research is powerful. His style is refreshing and easy for the layperson to understand, even without a science background.  Dr. Lipton has the mind of a scientist and the heart of a storyteller.

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