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The first edition of Pamela’s workbook had not only motivated change, it stirred up some powerful emotions in my patients.

We were brainstorming in the kitchen one night about Pamela’s work and it dawned on me that app technology (still in its infancy at that time) might lend itself to an even broader audience of users.

Because mobile devices have become a mainstay in our society, we wanted to explore using that technology as the source of disseminating the powerful knowledge of Pamela’s workbook.

As we stood at the kitchen counter, I posed two questions to Pamela: Can you take a paragraph and express it in a sentence? Can you take a sentence and express it in a word? To my surprise and elation, Pamela answered, yes!

In that instant, the idea of turning the essence of her powerful work into an “on-the-go” tool was born.

With the use of Socratic questioning and the deep understanding of the intention behind her work, Pamela developed a unique patentable methodology that was engaging, fun and effective.

After testing the effectiveness of the prototype, it was time to complete the vision with the expanded version we desired.

Six years after that kitchen conversation, we launched our vision for ShiftMe Passports by MoodShift.

The gifts and powerful talents of this project’s collaborators ensured we overcame the doubt, fear, and perceived failures that, at times, appeared to jeopardize this project. The people that have been a part of this journey know who they are, and without naming them, we thank you from the deepest recesses of our hearts.

– The Greene’s

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom