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Molecules Of Emotion

“Why we feel the way we feel is the result of the symphony and harmony of our own molecules of emotion that affect every aspect of our physiology, producing blissful good health or miserable disease.”  –Candace Pert, Ph.D.

In her revolutionary book, “Molecules of Emotion” research scientist, Candice Pert, discovered that our thoughts and emotions are not ethereal.  They trigger a cascade of neuropeptides, which are measurable circulating proteins, impacting every aspect of our physiology.   These circulating proteins deliver important signals to our cells, directing our biology. In essence, “our emotions are running every system in our bodies”.

Medical doctors have been trained for centuries to consider the physical first, then consider its impact on the non-physical, the psychological.  This artificial separation of mind and body is non-holistic.  The “new” science which incorporates the quantum nature of our existence validates that we cannot separate who we are physically from who we are metaphysically.

“There is a revolution taking form that is significantly influencing how the Western medical community views health and disease.  Candace Pert’s contribution to this revolution is undeniable; and her professional integrity in the pursuit of scientific truth, wherever it had to take her, regardless of its personal or professional cost, underscores the feminine, intuitive potential of science at its best.” –Deepak Chopra, M.D.

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