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The Backstory

This app was created out of my desire to share this amazing body of work that helped change my own life. Knowing that people live on their mobile devices, I knew I could use app technology to deliver this body of work to a global audience, also struggling with the stress tearing up their lives. Using app technology also provides access to the user without the need for a WiFi connection—making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

As a doctor developing a wellness program, I was in search of a spiritual component to complete my vision for the program. As if by serendipity, my then-girlfriend (now my wife) had been working on creating a body of work to help people discover who they “really are.”

Talented in bringing out people’s passions and gifts, she was motivated to reach a broader audience with the creation of this “workbook”.

When I read the book, I was instantly and profoundly moved. I instantly knew that this was the “missing link” for my wellness program. I asked if I could share this book with patients whom I felt could benefit from the powerful words and encouragement.

To my elation, it stirred my patient’s emotions. They wept when I read aloud the opening pages — just as I had when I read it for the first time.

I recognized that so many people have been (in the authors words), “manipulated into sacrificing what is in our hearts to accommodate the often unfair and unbalanced needs and demands of others.”

This book allowed me to begin an internal dialogue and make the necessary changes in my own life — moving toward greater freedom. As a doctor, I had the privilege of sharing this workbook with people in need of deep healing resulting from the emotional wounds that kept them stuck. For some, it was transformational. This was the impetus to bring this book to life in an interactive app. I hope many will benefit from it.

 – David L. Greene, M.D.

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom