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A Conscientious Blend of Humanity, Science & Technology
Developer of The MoodShift Brand

The Intention... The intention of The Kaleidoscope Corporation is to inspire the mind and speak to the heart, as does the kaleidoscope with its endless shapes and colors. Now, Imagine... Now, imagine a kaleidoscope with a missing piece and the emptiness that it would project. When an individual... When an individual believes there is a piece of themselves missing, the emptiness they feel produces great sadness. Our Shoshin... Our Shoshin Technique facilitates the restoration of those missing pieces to restore the wholeness of the individual, and by doing so, restores wholeness to the world. The Kaleidoscope... The Kaleidoscope Corporation, affectionately nicknamed “Kscope,” took its inspiration from the kaleidoscope, an expression of the inherent nature of “shoshin.” The Kscope philosophy animates the shoshin attitude to transform lives.

The Kaleidoscope Corporation, a Humanity Plus Company,
supports the Conscious Business Initiative

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom