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David L. Greene, M.D. & Pamela Jones Greene, Transformational Facilitator, author, and creator of the Shoshin Technique

As a society we are told that daily stress is just a part of life — the result of our fast-paced lifestyle. One day, we wake up with the shocking realization that we have a serious health issue or some aspect of our life has drastically changed because we ignored the impacts of stress. This is the defining moment that grabs our attention.

“Why did this happen to me?” “I just didn’t see this coming.” “How did I get here?”

The discouraging, hurtful and egregious comments by those in your “sphere of influence” — including the influential media — produce demoralizing effects. Left unchecked, this ongoing exposure to these demoralizing effects produce concerns and disbeliefs. This creates cynical, skeptical and pessimistic attitudes about life that chip away at your hopes and dreams. These attitudes consume your energy and flatten you. This dampens your life force, affecting your will to live.

Every day, doctor’s offices and mental health facilities are flooded by people desperate to relieve the sickening effect caused by the stress tearing up their lives.

People are also suffering in silence — too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help.
The internalization of this stress results in the compounding of disease-states. The lack of time, energy and resources diminishes the hope of a viable solution.

The result at the end of the day —
living an unfulfilled life.


Start living a life that you are excited about.
It strengthens your life force — your will to live.

The Moodshift brand of tools are stress hacks.

Powerful on their own – synergistic as companions!

Our Shoshin Technique is the catalyst making this possible.

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom