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Heart Intelligence

Have you ever experienced premonitions and then witnessed them coming true?
Have you ever gotten chills and then unexpectedly received a phone call from an old friend, or experienced a wonderful coincidence and said to yourself, so that was what that feeling was about?

These seemingly unconnected events are not simply coincidence.

“Heart Intelligence”, the collective work of the HeartMath Institute, knits together science, technology and astute observation, bringing a new awareness to what it means to be alive!

Beginning in the 1990’s, researchers at the HeartMath Institute began studying HRV (heart rate variability) as a means to understanding wellness.  Their process of investigation has led to landmark findings regarding our heart’s intelligence while at the same time raising our level of consciousness to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the connectivity of all life.

As an obstetrician, I can attest to the accuracy of HRV as a predictor of fetal well-being.  For over five decades, HRV has been the single most important tool to assess fetal well-being during labor.  It still remains the gold standard today, though other powerful technologies have emerged to complement HRV.  It was then no surprise for me to discover that the HeartMath Institute was using HRV as a window to understanding adult wellness. Bravo!

Their deep and intensive study of HRV has opened the door to an entirely new universe of understanding.  We now understand our hearts to be much more than just a pump for circulation. This book reveals at the most fundamental level how we can apply this knowledge, live in coherence, and push the boundaries of life in directions never before described.

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