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Responses by: David L. Greene, M.D.

A mood is the feeling associated with a specific state of mind at any particular time.

A mood shift is a change in your emotional state, which affects your state of mind.

Shifting your mood instantaneously impacts your electromagnetic field and biochemistry. In this way, a positive shift in mood results in an increase in your energy.

This positive shift in your emotions creates an energy source that surpasses the energy derived from nutrition or exercise.

Mood shifting in a positive direction results in the delivery of beneficial electromagnetic messages and biochemical reactions. In this improved mood state, the biochemical effect that stress produces dissipates quickly.

Mood shifting is the quickest and most efficient way to unblock energy flow and reverse the biochemical milieu that stress produces. Moods can shift in an instant.

The organs in our body release a dynamic flow of substances in response to our emotional states. In a positive mood state, substances such as health enhancing hormones, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and nitric oxide are produced and released into the bloodstream, producing a healing environment.

Even a small shift in your mood will create a powerful biological effect.  Research regarding “happiness” confirms that a profound positive effect occurs as a result of a small positive change in a mood state. People often disregard these small changes because they are not aware of the powerful residual effect.   With repeated experiences, the creation of new neuronal pathways in the brain develop. The residual benefit lingers long past the initial positive shift in your mood state.

MoodShift Moving Toward Greater Freedom