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Dying to be Me

Spontaneous healing is the indisputable evidence that the time, energy, and treatments we are told are required for healing, are simply not true.  Once the emotional obstacles to healing are removed, the physical body quickly and efficiently heals.

Anita Moorjani’s NDE (near death experience), resulting in a full recovery in under thirty hours from stage-four cancer, on her death bed in a coma, is a powerful testimonial for spontaneous healing.  This is but one incredible story amongst thousands world-wide who experience spontaneous healing on a daily basis.

Quantum biology is writing a new chapter in science, applying the principles of quantum physics to the world of biology.  Billions of cellular changes occur simultaneously in every cell in our body in response to our thoughts and emotions.

In an instant, your physiology can dramatically shift in response to your thoughts and the provoked emotions, affecting heart rate, respiration, perspiration, immune function and much more.

How is this possible?  Energy is moving faster than the speed of light.  Shifting your energy is a matter of shifting your emotions; by design, your physiology will obey.

This knowledge is enriching our lives with the possibility of tapping into the natural system of healing inherent at birth. Embracing this knowledge reduces our need to rely on high-tech medical intervention to keep us healthy.

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