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Anatomy of an Epidemic

Challenges in daily living create a normal undulation of moods.

Undesired mood states, labeled today as mood disorders, are packaged as illness caused by chemical imbalances.  This is absolutely not true.  Are there blood, urine or saliva tests available to physicians to measure these suspected imbalances?  No.

The untold truth that Whitaker exposes is simply this: The same research used to declare low serotonin values are found in patients with clinical depression also found normal and high serotonin values in depressed patients as well. The pharmaceutical industry simply decided to give limited information to doctors and the public. Limiting information is a form of manipulation. Robert Whitaker in his detailed treatise on the psychotropic drug industry is an eye opener for both physicians prescribing these drugs and the patients taking them.

The diagnosis of a chemical imbalance is simply the opinion of another human being and has no foundation in medical science.  The “cocktails” of psychotropic drugs disrupting normal neuronal pathways in the brain, and masquerading as treatment for chemical imbalances, could be the largest and most tragic experiment in human history.

In addition, the irresponsible labeling of “mood states” as “disorders” has created an unnecessary stigma, frightening the public.

This book is a game changer for anyone who has been hoodwinked into believing they have chemical imbalances causing their undesired thoughts and emotional states.

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